Chapter 12

Nephi Prophesies About Corrupt Churches In The Last Days

1 Now, my family and friends, the Spirit has compelled me to speak to you and I have done so. I know that these things will happen. 2 The things which will be written in this book will be very valuable to humanity, especially to our descendants who are a remnant of the family of Israel.

“One True Church” Mentality

3 One day the churches which have been built, but don’t focus on God, will say to each other “I am the Divine’s church!” and the other will say “No, I am the Divine’s church!” 4 All of the churches which don’t focus on the Divine will say this. 5 They will fight with each other, as will their priests. They will teach about what they know, but disregard the Holy Ghost which speaks to them.

No Continuing Revelation

6 They deny the power of the Divine by saying, “Listen to us and learn about our concepts! 7 The Divine doesn’t speak today, because They have done Their work. We now have the power! 8 Listen to my concept! If anyone says a miracle has been performed by the Divine, don’t believe it. God is not a god of miracles today; that work has already been done.”

Enjoying Life With Grace VS Taking Advantage of Grace

9 There will be many that will say “Life is short. Let’s enjoy it while we have it! In the end everything will turn out ok for us” 10 There will also be those who say “Enjoy life, but also listen to God. The Divine will excuse a little sinning, lying, and taking advantage of your neighbor. There’s nothing wrong with this! 11 You can do this because life is short. If God finds us guilty we’ll get a slap on the wrist and then go to the Divine’s realm.”

Extravagant Churches and Expensive Clothes

12 There will be many people who teach these false, vain, and foolish things. They are full of pride and want to hide their actions in the dark from God. However, the blood of the saints will cry out from the ground against them. 13 They have lost their way and have become corrupted. 14 Their pride, false teachers, and false teachings have corrupted their churches. They are set up as an example, but they are full of pride. 15 They rob the poor when they build extravagant churches! They rob the poor when they buy expensive clothing! They oppress the oppressed and the humble because their pride makes them think that they are superior! 16 They are stubborn and think very highly of themselves. They have all gone astray because of their pride, wickedness, abominations, and harmful sexuality. The only exception is a couple followers of Christ. 17 Even then the followers of Christ make mistakes because they were taught human concepts.

Assessments of the Wicked in the Last Days

18 Oh the wise, educated, rich, prideful, teachers of falsehoods, those who cause harm with their sexuality, and those who corrupt the right ways of the Divine, Almighty God says “Woe, woe, woe be to you! You will be thrown down into hell! 19 Woe to those that give up justice for nothing and hate what is good and call it useless! 20 The day will come when the Divine will quickly visit the inhabitants of earth. Those who are full of wickedness will die! 21 However, if the inhabitants of earth give up their wickedness they will not be destroyed.”

The Devil’s Playbook

22 The great and abominable church must tumble to the earth; it’s fall will be great! 23 The Devil’s realm will shake and those that belong to it will be compelled to seek reconciliation! Otherwise the devil will grab them with his chains and they will be filled with anger and die. 24 On that day he will rage in the hearts of humanity and make them angry at that which is good.

25 The devil will lull others away into a false sense of security and they will say “Everything is fine in Zion. Zion is prospering and everything is fine!” 26 This is how the devil cheats their souls and carefully leads them to hell.

27 The Devil will flatter others and tell them that there is no hell. He says to them “I am no devil, because there is none”. 28 He whispers these things in their ears until he grabs them with his awful chains! 29 They are held by death and hell! One day they, along with the devil and the rest of hell, must review the lives that they lived with God. Then they will go to the lake of fire and brimstone which was prepared for their Divine punishment. 

Woes for the Wicked

30 Woe to those that rest in Zion! 31 Woe to those that cry “Everything is fine!” Woe to those that adhere to human concepts and deny the power of God and the gift of the Holy Ghost! 32 Woe to those who say “We have already received the gospel; we don’t need any more!” 33 In short, woe to all those who shake with anger because of Divine truth. 34 Those that build on the Rock will receive Divine truth gladly. Those that build on a sandy foundation will shake until they fall. 35 Woe to those that say “We have already received the word of God and we don’t need any more; we have enough!”

The Divine’s Playbook

36 The Divine says “I will teach humanity one line at a time, one concept at a time, and little by little. 37 Those who listen to my concepts and listen to my advice will be blessed and gain wisdom. 38 Those that understand my teachings will be given more to learn. Those that say ‘we have learned enough’ will forget what they have already been taught. 39 Those that trust humanity and its concepts more than the Divine are cursed.

40 Woe be to the non-Jewish people, because they will deny me even though I reach out to them day-after-day! 41 Regardless, I will be merciful to that seek reconciliation and come to me. I am always reaching out to them.

42 I will remember the promises I have made to humanity when I start my marvelous work among the non-Jewish people. I will rescue those in the family of Israel again. 43 I will also remember the promises that I have made to you and your father, Nephi. I will remember your descendants. I will remember the words that your descendants will write  and they will go to their descendants. 44 My words will hiss forth to the whole world to teach those in the family of Israel. 45 Because my words will become so well known the non-Jewish people will say ‘We already have the Bible! There cannot be any more scripture!’

46 Those fools only have the scriptures from my first covenant people. 47 Have they ever thanked the Jewish people for the Bible? 48 Do they realize what these scriptures mean? 49 Do they remember the traveling, work, pain, and devotion that the Jewish people experienced in order to give the non-Jewish people this book on my behalf? 50 Oh, you non-Jewish people, do you remember my first covenant people, the Jewish people? 51 No! You have cursed and hated them instead of helping them. 52 I have not forgotten them, and I will treat you the way you have treated them.

53 You fool who says ‘We already have the Bible and there cannot be anymore scripture’: 54 Do you have any scripture that wasn’t given to you by the Jewish people? 55 Don’t you know there are more people than the Jewish people? 56 Don’t you realize that I created all of humanity, and that I remember those who are upon the isles of the sea? Don’t you realize that I rule in the Heavens above and the earth beneath? 57 Don’t you realize that I speak to all of humanity? 58 Why do you complain that you can read more of what I have to say? 59 Don’t you realize that when different people’s scriptures agree it shows you that I speak to them both?

60 I teach the same things to all people. 61 When two groups of people come together their scriptures will come together as well. 62 I do this so I can prove that I was the same yesterday, am the same today, and will be the same forever. I teach people the truth when I want to. 63 You shouldn’t assume that just because I have spoken to one people that I can’t speak to another. My work is not done yet, and it won’t be finished till humanity is finished, and even then it won’t truly end.

64 Even though you have the Bible you shouldn’t assume that it contains everything I’ve ever said. You shouldn’t assume that I haven’t had other people write down my teachings. 65 I have asked all of humanity in the east, west, north, south, and the islands of the sea to write down the things I have taught them. 66 I will review and assess the world based off of these scriptures. Everyone will be reviewed and assessed based on the life that they lived. 67 I will speak to the Jewish people and they will write down what I say. 68 I will also speak to the Nephites and they will write down what I say. 69 I will also speak to the other tribes of the family of Israel which I have led away and they will write down what I say. 70 I will also speak to every people on the earth, and they will write down what I say.

71 One day the Jewish people will have what the Nephites have written, and the Nephites will have what the Jewish people have written. 72 The Nephites and the Jewish people will also have the words of the lost tribes of Israel, and the lost tribes will have the writings of the Nephites and the Jewish people. 73 One day they will all be gathered to their homelands and everything I have taught will be gathered together. 74 I will show those that fight against my word and my people, the family of Israel, that I am God and I made a promise to Abraham that I would remember his descendants forever.”

A Prophecy Of The Jewish and Non-Jewish People In The Last Day

75 My family and friends, I would like to speak to you. I don’t want you to think that you are more righteous than the non-Jewish people will be. 76 Unless you take God’s advice you will all also die. You don’t need to think that the non-Jewish people will be completely destroyed. 77 Just as many non-Jewish people will seek reconciliation as the Jewish people. Just as many Jewish people will be cut off as the non-Jewish people. 78 The Divine doesn’t promise anything to anyone unless they seek reconciliation and trust the Son, who is the Holy One of Israel.

79 I want to prophesy a bit more about the Jewish people and the non-Jewish people. 80 After the book which I spoke about comes forth, is written down by the non-Jewish people, and then goes back to the Divine, there will be many who believe what it says. They will carry these writings to our descendants. 81 Then our descendants will know about us! They will know that we came from Jerusalem and they are the descendants of the Jewish people. 82 The gospel of Jesus Christ will be taught to them! They will learn about their ancestors and Jesus Christ, who will have visited their ancestors. 83 They will rejoice because they will see that this is a blessing from the hand of God. 84 Their spiritual blindfolds will fall from their eyes! It won’t be many generations will the curse is lifted from them.

85 One day the Jewish people who are also scattered will begin to believe in Christ and begin to gather together. 86 Those that trust Christ will also become a wonderful people!

Isaiah 11: 4-9

87 The Divine will start Their work in every nation, family, language, and people to give them their homelands back. 88 The poor and oppressed will be reviewed and assessed fairly. 89 The Divine will hit the earth with their words! With the breath of Their lips They will kill the wicked! 90 The time will come that the Divine will allow a great division among humanity. The wicked will be destroyed while the righteous will be saved. The righteous will be saved even if it means burning the wicked with fire. 91 This will be done by God with righteousness and faithfulness.

92 When this happens wolves will live with lambs, leopards will lie down with young goats, calfs and lions will be together, and a child will lead them. 93 The cow and the bear will eat together and their offspring will lie down together. The lion will eat hay right alongside the ox. 94 Toddlers will play with cobras and put their hands in cobras’ dens. 95 They will not kill or hurt each other in my holy place. The earth will know all about the Divine just as water fills the sea.

96 The things that every nation does will be known among humanity. 97 There will be no secrets because they will all be exposed. There will be no evil deeds which are hidden that won’t have a light shone upon them. There is nothing so protected on earth that it won’t be exposed. 98 Everything that hasn’t been shown to humanity will be shown at that day. 99 Satan won’t have a hold on humanity for a long time.

100 Now, my beloved family and friends, I must finish speaking.